Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box
Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box

Poop 'N Tie Dispenser + Refill Box

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Refill Box Features:

  • Drawstring Bags Provide Easy Closure

With our simple pull to close dog waste bags, just scoop, pull and tie and you're done!


  • Easy Open Bags

Never struggle to open a dog poop bag again! 

The drawstring feature makes opening the bag a breeze (even in gloves).


  • Never Find Yourself Without A Poop Bag Again

Our bags are the ONLY easy close bag on the market that is on a roll and fits into a dispenser. 


  • Extra Thick Germ-Free Bags

Our bags are thick, yet flexible making it easy to clean up after your dog.


  • Nobody likes to look at their dog’s droppings… 

Our opaque bags disguise your dog’s doodies.  


  • Seal in the odor

Fresh mint scent masks the smell. 


  • Poops come in all sizes

Our extra-wide bags work for all size poops. 


Product Specifications:

  • 16 rolls with 15 drawstring bags each.

  • Total of 240 drawstring bags. 

Bag Specifications:

  • Size: 10” x 11 ½” 
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Extra-large opening 
  • Extra thick 15 micron bags  
  • Mint Scented  

Dispenser Features:

  • Find poops at night

Our attached LED Flashlight allows you to easily locate your pup’s droppings at night 

  • Don’t leave home without poop bags

Unzip the dispenser and insert one roll of bags

The adjustable velcro strap fits any type of leash

  • Single-handedly remove 1 bag at a time

Each bag tears easily from the roll as it is pulled through the opening of the dispenser

  • Never carry a used bag again:

The attached clip conveniently holds used poop bags

  • Always have bags when you walk, run or hike with your dog

The leash attached dispenser can be filled endlessly with rolls of poop bags

Dispenser Specifications:

  • Attaches to your leash using 2 velcro straps
  • LED Flashlight attached
  • Metal clip attached to hold your used bags
  • Comes with Two (2) 15 bag rolls


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good with one flaw

Bags work great, make my life a bit easier for sure.

My only issue is that unless I strap the dispenser on my leash super tightly it moves down the leash.
Not a huge deal cause the bags themselves are great and that is really the reason I bought this.

Great product for a great price

First I have to say that the bags are amazing with a drawstring closure. And they are biodegradable. I love that the dispenser holds the roll of bags and has an attached LED flashlight. The refill box looks like it was made of recycled cardboard which I appreciate. Will buy again

Great Bags

Works really well, super simple to open and close the bags.
I also like the clip on the dispenser so I don't have to carry the used bag while i'm looking for a trash can.

Bags are great, dispenser is great

Ok first off I never write reviews... but this product deserved one.

I have a husky who leaves rather large droppings, so I always buy the XL bags.
I as a bit unsure if these bags would work.

Their headline of Just scoop and tie is pretty accurate, however it is more like: Just scoop, pull and tie. This is by far the easiest closing dog poop bag I have ever used.

It was large enough for my husky's droppings and as an added bonus it was super easy to open the bag with gloves on. Anyone who has ever tried to open a bag with winter gloves on knows exactly what i'm taking about. The drawstring made it simple to open the bag.

Now the dispenser...

Bags tore easily without ripping.

The flashlight is a plus (as I live in the northeast and it gets dark early this time of year).

The metal clip is great to clip the bag to on a long walk so I don't have to carry it.

Also, it seems durable enough but I can't really comment on it as I have only had it about a week.