Drawstring Dog Poop Bags

Just Scoop ‘N Tie

Clean-up has never been this simple, just scoop and pull the drawstring to close the bag!

Just Pennies per bag!

Easy on your wallet!

Hands-Free Walk

Clip the bag onto our Poop ‘N Tie Dispenser and walk, don’t run to the trash can.

Seal The Smell

Our fresh mint-scented bags prevent the smell of your dog’s droppings from ever hitting your nose.

Poops Happen At Night

Don’t get Down and Dirty looking for dog poop in the dark. Our LED Flashlight attached to our Poop ‘N Tie Dispenser helps you find it quickly and easily.

Large & Leak Proof

Thick but flexible bags mean no chance of accidentally touching your dog’s droppings! Once the bag is closed, set your mind at ease with our thick leak-proof bags.
Happy Dog Scout

We've got you covered.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

I invented a quicker, cleaner and easier way to pick up after your dog!

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