1. Why Poop ‘N Tie?

We created a better way to clean up after your dog.  Cleaning poop has always been a messy job. Now it is not!  Our drawstring closure makes it easy to tie the used bag. And our bags ONLY come in rolls that fit perfectly into the dispenser. 

By attaching our dispenser to your leash, you will always have a waste bag when you need one.  Our attached clip enables you to keep one hand free to hold an umbrella, talk on the phone or just wave to your neighbors.

Poops happen at night! So you don't miss the droppings, we  attached an LED flashlight to each dispenser.

2. Where can I buy Poop ‘N Tie?

At selected veterinarian offices, pet stores and on this website .

3. Is the Poop ‘N Tie bag biodegradable?

Yes it is biodegradable. Also our roll of bags does not include a plastic or cardboard tube.

4. Do you have promotions?

Yes we have weekly promotions on our dispenser with bags as well as our for our refill box.

5. Does Poop ‘N Tie bags have a scent?

Yes our natural mint scent masks unpleasant odors.

6. Do Poop “N Tie bags work well for used cat litter?

Our mint scent and extra large opening makes our bags ideal for use as litter waste bags.

7. What is the thickness of the Poop ‘N Tie bags?

15 microns.

8. What is the shelf-life of the bags?

We recommend 2-3 years.

9. We live in a house, where do you recommend we dispose of filled bags?

If indoors, we recommend using a closed metal tin until you can empty in the trash can for pickup  If outdoors, a closed heavy-duty plastic bin should work until trash day.

10. What is your return policy?

We accept unopened, unused products within 30 days of a purchase.  Buyer is responsible for return shipping unless there is a defect with the product received.  

11. Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, you will have to pay the sales tax rate for the state in which the product is shipped to.

12. Does the flashlight come with batteries?

Yes, the flashlight does come with batteries.

13. Can Poop ‘N Tie Rolls be used with any dispenser?

Our rolls are a bit longer and thicker than most dog waste bag rolls.  

Our rolls will fit in some dispensers but not all dispensers.

We recommend using our dispenser for the best possible fit and dispensing of the bags.

Our dispenser can be purchased here: (insert link)

14. Is the drawstring easy to close?

Yes, Just pull like you would a common kitchen trash bag to close the bag.

15. Do your bags come in rolls?

Yes, all Poop ‘N Tie drawstring bags come in rolls.