Did Your Pup Gain The Covid-19 Pounds?

Did your pup gain Covid-19 pounds over the last Year?

We ate and drank our way through lockdowns and further remote working.

But what about our furry friend who waited for us to get off conference calls and zoom meetings?

We found all kinds of new treats to reward them for their patience, and unless it was a rawhide bone to gnaw at, it contained calories.

It was a cold and snowy winter for half the country.  Walks were as short as possible,  we became lazy and so did they

Scout, our 4 year old Aussie Mascot, took to the snow fields and just ran in big circles. Over and over and over.  It seemed like she had a lot of steam to expel. She was too young to get lazy like us.

Now we know that extra pounds on a dog put strain on their back. Think of excess stomach fat pulling you to the ground if you get on all fours

What to do?

  1. Put away those treats.  If you feed dry food to your pup, cut her portion in half and use the other half as treats. Service Dogs often get fed only with commands when they are young. 

  1. Dogs do not self exercise! Of course get out and move! She will follow suit. If time is limited, encourage a jog and she just may gallop.

  1. Even if you made your dinner hour later than usual, feed her first thing in the morning and  at least 4 hours before she goes to bed for the night

Just like us, they need to digest their food before they go to sleep.

  1. Give her a chewy toy or natural animal bone there are duck feet and chicken necks that won’t splinter.  Think how much satisfaction a small lollipop can be when you are hungry (or think you are).

Just remember, we are all happier without those extra pounds, your pup too!